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Cybersecurity: Top 100 Influencers at RSA Conference 2019

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Influencer Lists, ,

The Ever-Growing Global Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks are growing in frequency and scale. At $600 billion, the global cost of cybercrime has reached 0.8{d3572d286dca45c181c5e3939ba4769d8bae23639d901a68d9b79780d799af94} of the world’s GDP, according to a 2018 McAfee report. Attacks against businesses have nearly doubled in the last 5 years, according to WEF. UK Government’s latest Cyber Governance Health Check report shows that only 16{d3572d286dca45c181c5e3939ba4769d8bae23639d901a68d9b79780d799af94} of FTSE 350 businesses have a “comprehensive understanding” of the potential disruption and monetary impact a cybersecurity attack may have. According to a recent report by Avast, 55{d3572d286dca45c181c5e3939ba4769d8bae23639d901a68d9b79780d799af94} of all programs installed worldwide are out of date. Many outdated applications contain vulnerabilities, and should be updated immediately for security reasons. In the words of Ginni Rommety, the CEO of IBM, “Cyber Crime Is The Greatest Threat To Every Company In The World”.

Cybersecurity Landscape & RSA Conference 2019

Cybersecurity as a topic is thriving, and so is the RSA Conference, the world’s biggest cybersecurity conference held in San Francisco from the 4th to the 8th of March. RSA 2019 gathers the brightest cybersecurity minds and experts for a week full of compelling keynotes and sessions. Hundreds of brands showcase their latest achievements within the highly competitive market of cybersecurity innovation. State-of-the-art security tools, the smartest privacy protection algorithms, and the best ways to outwit cybercriminals are front of mind for any cybersecurity conference, and RSA 2019 is no exception. Aside from the latest and greatest in the world of cybersecurity, RSA 2019 focused on diversity and inclusion, with a variety of keynotes and initiatives, including the She Speaks Security forum.

Mapping the Community

In order to understand the influencer network of the Twitter conversation powered by 42,000 attendees, 700 speakers, 650 exhibitions, 17 keynotes, and 550 sessions, we analysed 128.9K posts from 4th to 8th of March on the RSA conference, and identified top 100 most influential cybersecurity professionals. What we found is a diverse, actively engaged influencer community, with the top influencer, Microsoft Cybersecurity CTO Diana Kelley at its core.

The influencer map below was created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM).


Cybersecurity network map


We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top influencers in cybersecurity. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below.

Rank Twitter Handle Name Role Influencer Score
1 @dianakelley14 Diana Kelley C-Suite 100
2 @MarcoCiappelli Marco Ciappelli Entrepreneur 88.44
3 @rohit_ghai Rohit Ghai C-Suite 84.56
4 @wendynather Wendy Nather C-Suite 83.13
5 @Shirastweet Shira Rubinoff Entrepreneur 79.87
6 @ajohnsocyber Ann Johnson Tech Professional 76.61
7 @jtrevorhughes Trevor Hughes C-Suite 70.83
8 @Zulfikar_Ramzan Zulfikar Ramzan Tech Professional 69.96
9 @joshcorman Josh Corman Tech Professional 59.92
10 @Grifter801 Neil Wyler Tech Professional 55.62
11 @DrHughThompson Hugh Thompson Tech Professional 55.5
12 @Raj_Samani Raj Samani Tech Professional 49.87
13 @euroinfosec Mathew J Schwartz Blogger 49.33
14 @Todd_Inskeep Todd Inskeep Management Consultant 48.61
15 @MichaelDell Michael Dell C-Suite 46.1
16 @k8em0 Katie Moussouris Entrepreneur 46.07
17 @RobertMLee Robert M. Lee Entrepreneur 44.67
18 @lspitzner Lance Spitzner Entrepreneur 42.03
19 @schneierblog Bruce Schneier Blogger 41.2
20 @mediaphyter Jennifer Leggio Management Consultant 41.16
21 @kpoulsen Kevin Poulsen Journalist 41.16
22 @sbj24 Sian John Tech Professional 41.06
23 @beauwoods Beau Woods Entrepreneur 39.33
24 @HollyRollo Holly Rollo C-Suite 37.82
25 @RubyZefo Ruby Zefo Tech Professional 37.51
26 @cnoanalysis Sergio Caltagirone Tech Professional 37.25
27 @MeredithCorley Meredith Corley C-Suite 37.07
28 @DAlperovitch Dmitri Alperovitch Tech Professional 36.92
29 @J4vv4D Javvad Malik Blogger 36.51
30 @ashimmy Alan Shimel Entrepreneur 35.49
31 @Beaker Chris Hoff Tech Professional 35.08
32 @AmitElazari Amit Elazari Tech Professional 34.93
33 @JulieSBrill Julie Brill Tech Professional 34.56
34 @josephmenn Joseph Menn Author 34.49
35 @chenxiwang Chenxi Wang Entrepreneur 33.8
36 @gattaca Dave Lewis C-Suite 33.09
37 @wickett James Wickett Tech Professional 32.98
38 @sarapeters Sara Peters Journalist 31.56
39 @edskoudis Ed Skoudis Tech Professional 30.53
40 @k3r3n3 Keren Elazari Analyst 29.94
41 @benrothke Ben Rothke Tech Professional 28.67
42 @kg4gwa Curtis Franklin Journalist 28.48
43 @kellymsheridan Kelly Sheridan Journalist 28.18
44 @rmogull Rich Mogull Entrepreneur 28
45 @astepanovich Amie Stepanovich Legal Professional 27.86
46 @patrickcoomans Patrick Coomans Entrepreneur 27.64
47 @TrackerPayton Theresa Payton Entrepreneur 27.46
48 @jjx Jennifer Minella Tech Professional 27.27
49 @CISAKrebs Chris Krebs Political/Government Official 27.21
50 @PGelsinger Pat Gelsinger C-Suite 27.19


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Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The brands, individuals and publications listed here are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion around the future of recruitment.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives. We looked at social topical influence as well as topical authority by analyzing both their social engagement on Twitter and how much influencers were referenced in association with the future of recruitment on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, Blogs, News and Tumblr content. These calculations also take in to account a user’s resonance (engagement) relevance (number of posts on topic) and reach (number of followers). If you want to learn more, please read our article that outlines How to identify your target influencers.





Top 100 Influencers at RSA Conference 2019

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